NAME: Conner Norway
Height 5'9''
Abilities: Advanced Healing. Can heal himself from almost any injury, and can heal others with his blood.


*The white streak in his hair is natural, but it's never been called into his field of caring so he doesn't know why it does that.

* Conner's personality ranges from adaptive to credulous; he is also pretty damn loud mouthed without the filter of common sense. When situations get a bit haywire Conner tends to stand his ground in a fairly calm manner. If someone is about to get in some type of trouble Conner will gladly sacrifice himself and take the wrap, but when unjustly accused of something that gets him in trouble he's going to raise hell about it.

NAME: Leo Norway
Height 5'9''
Abilities: Electrical shit. His mental hard-wiring is also running Prophet Scripts at the moment.


*Leo's hair does the thing due to high levels of runoff static electricity. If he could control his powers a little better, it wouldn't stand on end, but control isn't one of Leo's strong points.

*Leo is a HUGE asshole. Being Quick to engulf himself in rage lands Leo in more hot water than he cares to be in, so when he feels rage coming on he apparently tries to keep his cool by giving dramatic glances. As fast as he is to come into a hissingly hot fit he is just as quick to put himself into a dark sad little spiral of self blame. Leo is not a stable individual when it comes to his inner-self, but relationships with friends and family make him appear rock solid.

NAME: Sarah Norway
Height 5'9''
Abilities: Superspeed. Gotta go fast.


*Sarah keeps her long hair pulled back 95% of forever. Moving at the speeds she does causes her hair to turn into little whips and that shit hurts.

*Sarah is what assholes would call a "Whore" or a "Slut" perhaps even a "Harlot", but in reality she just has a very experimental mindset. Everything and everyone and everywhere should be explored at least once. Sarah is a perfectionist; she wants things done quickly and correctly in one shot, this causes her to be slow in preforming new tasks. Sarah is absolutely terrified of her neighbors because she doesn't know them very well and was spooked by them at a young age. She also has an embarrassing crush on Leo's BFF which causes her to get all giddy and confused because she doesn't really know how to process emotions when it comes to her own.

NAMES: Courtney and Kevin Norway
AGES: Courtney is 40, Kevin is 41
Heights Courtney is 5'7'' and Kevin is 6'5''
Abilities: Nothing worth mentioning at this point.


*Courtney Norway has an identical twin sister, named Sharon Drayton, who lives a few neighborhoods across from their own. Courtney loves spending time with Sharon and doing weird family rituals with her half of the family. Rule number one for Kevin is to never speak of his half of the family, never even bring it up, out of sight out of mind, everyone's mind; this may even cause him to forget about his own children sometimes.

*Kevin is essentially an assassin for hire, but tells everyone he is a photographer; stupidly everyone believes him. Courtney gave up on a veterinarian degree for various reasons and became a social worker.

NAME:Aaron Drayton
AGE: 14 1/2
Height 6'4''
Abilities: Shadow Manipulation, and ability to go where the shadows are. About half the regular abilities of a shadow person and a crapload weaker.


*Aaron is the cousin of the Norway Trio. His mother is Sharon Drayton, and his father is Pierce Drayton who supposedly died in some tragic police accident before Aaron was born. Aaron's mother works as a waitress and he feels responsible for his mother's erratic and often absent minded personality.

*Aaron feels a lot of weird gender things, he doesn't know why and he doesn't question it. Aaron shares a lot of physical similarities with his cousins which he thinks is strange because genetics have certain laws to abide by, but he doesn't question it. On more than a handful of occasions Aaron has felt needed somewhere else.

*Criss Leavitt is Aaron's next door neighbor and has been his best friend since 3rd grade.

NAME:Criss Leavitt [The Emo King]
AGE: 14 1/2
Height 5'7''
Abilities: Advanced Healing from almost any injury. Unlike Conner he cannot heal others with his blood, and his recovery time is not as quick.


*Criss is the youngest Manager for the Hottopic located in Dysthymia Mall, which is near Depression's highway 666 west onramp, and across from PostPartum High where he and Aaron Drayton go to school.

* Criss is a manipulator and that's how he attained his throne. He absolutely adores being able to rule over a mass of people. It makes him feel in control, which is great for him because it's just about the only thing he can control. In 3rd grade Criss's father skipped town and he and his mother had to move from the big college town upstate to the City of Depression because the cost of living isn't as expensive.

NAME: Sintheeya Scythe
AGE: 10
Height 4'10''
Abilities: N/A


*Sintheeya has Deuteranomaly, which is Red-Green color blindness. She wears special contacts to correct the problem, mostly because she finds the rainbow glasses god awful eyesores.

*Being the daughter of Death means that she's a certified Goth, and therefore has to keep a tough appearance, but she's really just a sweetheart. She and her brother Seth have a strained relationship with their father.

NAME: Seth Scythe
AGE: 10
Height 5'0"
Abilities: N/A


*Seth is not colorblind like his sister Sintheeya.

*Seth is also a certified Goth! He likes the subculture a bit more than his sister. Seth's favorite animal is Chicken, and when he was 4 and realized that Chicken Nuggets were made of Chickens he threw a fit and refused to eat them ever again. To this day he doesn't really eat meat, and if he does it's something made of Cow.

NAME: Lucian Scythe
AGE: ???
Height 5'10''
Abilities: Death. He's Death. Contact with his skin is an instant life drain. He carts difficult and confused souls to a respected afterlife. He also can use any blade and carve into the fabric of reality to transport himself anywhere he needs to be.


*Lucian is Technically an illegal Canadian Immigrant. His parents and older sisters crossed the boarder when he was 3 years old to Winconsin, and due to a rough home life he ran away when he was nearly 17. He speaks Fluent French and English, and when he gets flustered and frustrated he unconsciously begins substituting between the two languages.

*Since the day he was born he was cursed with being Death, though he wasn't officially "the Grim fucking reaper" until he ran away and became dependent on himself. The Devil helped him out a bunch early in his career, and now they kinda have a weird fling relationship that Lucian doesn't really understand but he doesn't want to piss off The Devil so he does whatever.

NAME: Mark Johnston
AGE: 13
Height 5'4"
Abilities: Psychokinesis


*Mark is super chill, and never ever gets worked up about anything. Mark prefers for people to use They/them pronouns, although the kid's BFF Leo Norway almost always uses Male pronouns, but this is because they've been best friends for years and years and Leo is an asshole who doesn't really understand little changes like that. Mark finds that admirable.

* Mark enjoys reading all types of books, and because of that has a lot of off the wall knowledge that gets spit out to Leo, who in turn spits back more random knowledge; this is the primary artery of their friendship. Mark understands that Sarah has a crush, but the kid doesn't show her the time of day because Mark is very uninterested in her. The kid has already developed a close relationship with Leo and feels like it would be exhausting trying to do the same with Sarah.

Abilities: TALKING DOG.


*Look at this fucking dog oh my god what a jackass he is. Is it a he? how can we tell?

*I made Mr. N on The Sims 3 and Dog was a Chick dog so?????? WHO KNOWS????

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